Why has my ice machine stopped making ice?

For units: FS-55IM, FS-50IMOD, FS-65IM, FS-260IM the probable solution is a board reset that will revert the unit back to the factory settings. This type of reset is necessary when you have a power fluctuation either from a storm or an interruption from your power company.

To perform the reset: First turn off the machine and unplug it from the wall. Turn on after 15 minutes. 

Why is my ice coming out cloudy?

The machine needs to be cleaned. It is suggested that an inline filter is used to trap minerals and to prevent a hard, scaly deposit from building up. How often you clean the system depends on whether you use a filter and how hard your water is. Please refer to your user manual. To find the user manuals, see our Outdoor Products and Indoor Products to find your specific model.

If the problem persists you may have minerals that have calcified in the tubes and the only way to solve this is to clean with a nickel cleaner. 

Can I leave my unit outside during the winter months?

All Orien USA units are made from non-rusting 304 stainless steel and are rated for outdoor use. However, once the outside temperature goes below 25 degrees, the unit should be unplugged as the compressor oil thickens and will damage the unit if left running. Also, if the unit is freestanding use the cover.

Can these units be used for commercial use?

As of now, all Orien USA units are rated for residential use only.

My question is not found in these FAQs. Where do I look next?

If you are looking for an owner’s manual, you can download a copy from our website. To find the user manuals, please see our Outdoor Products and Indoor Products to find your specific model.

Do I need a Filter?

Yes the in-line filter keeps the minerals & calcium deposits from building up in the machine. Filters can be bought at any hardware store

 How to remove the sticker Easily

Temperature changes make the adhesive stick to the unit. The easiest way to remove is by using heat (Blow Dryer). Once the glue is warm it is easier to remove. Any film or glue can be removed by using Goo-Gone or using the finest wool pad and stainless steel cleaner. (Wool Pads can be purchased at any hardware store).


Why do I have an Ice Block on the Grid?

The evaporator sensor has taken a surge and needs to be replaced.

If you are looking for a replacement part, please see our Parts Section

If you still have questions, please Contact Us

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